I’m still addicted to Pinterest

Bespoke Portraiture on Pinterest

But now others are joining me – excitingment! People are interested in what I like on Pinterest and likewise I’m finding people to be interested in. As someone who talks and writes all day I find Pinterest a wonderful visual escape that lets my talking-writing brain have a rest while my eyes do the work. Note, I have the same approach with magazines and I like pictures to flick through and not words that require thinking. And that doesn’t make me weird. Don’t answer that. I’ve noticed a lot of my photography friends jumping on board lately which is fab, the more the merrier I say! But for once I’m quite chuffed that I’m ahead of the pack with my 15 Boards (think ‘themes’) and 1388 whoops 1389 pins – booyah! Suffice to say, I’m addicted. So how did I get here? This is how:

  • Like stuff – I’ll be honest, I love grey and sparkly things and am easily distracted by either. So it’s no surprise that my eye gravitated toward those first and I started to ‘Like’ them. A lot. From here it grew rather organically from browsing categories using the ‘Explore’ menu where I would ‘Like’ things but as patterns started to emerge I grouped them into Boards.
  • Boards – I set out to create Boards of things that either I love, want to have, lust after or need. Get creative with names (heck, steal ones you like) but don’t get so creative that people won’t know what it’s about or name them so long that it is truncated and the meaning lost. Like the length of this sentence. Better summarised as ‘use two words – max’. Some of mine include Sparkly Things, Grey Obsession, Posing & Light as well as OMG Shoes
  • See this link for 41 Great Examples of Pinterest Brand Pages for ideas (ha! I have more pins than Sony music!!).

  • Organise – don’t be like me and like the bejeezus out of many things before you create Boards. This week I went back and cleaned up my 387 likes and moved them to Boards where they fit and got this down to just 17. These remaining likes are once-off things that I want to refer back to and I have yet to make a decision on their long-term fate. But this experience was time consuming and frustrating enough to remind me to NEVER let my ‘Likes’ get that out of control again! My most pinned Boards are Grey Obsession (44 followers and 257 pins), Sparkly Things (39 followers and 244 pins) and Life’s Instructional (43 followers and 215 pins).
  • Follow – there is too much content on Pinterest being added, every minute, of every day to take it all in. Only follow people, and even only specific Boards, that have a collection of things you like. Which brings me to my next point…
  • Share – unlike Facebook, on Pinterest you ‘re-pin’ something you find to your own collection and place it on a Board. If you find yourself re-pinning from the same person be kind enough to follow them and if you share an interest they will most likely follow back.
  • Housecleaning – on a normal computer screen it’s easy to organise about 200 pins maximum to check for duplicates and things that you excitedly pinned to the wrong board (I once pinned one gown four times). Make sure you houseclean regularly to keep your collections in tip top shape. The longer you leave it the harder it is to do.
  • Create new – be sure to download the ‘Pin it’ button from the About menu. This fab widget adds ‘Pin It’ to your browser tool bar so that as you roam around the interweb you can pin images you like and create new content for the Pinterest community. Oh, and don’t be an arse and only pin your own work. Nobody likes a braggart.
  • Be habitual, often – now that I’ve outed myself as an addict I can confess how bad my habit is. Even though I have close to 1500 pins (by the time this gets published) I don’t pin mentally every day. I get too bored. I use the iPhone app on my iPad (not ideal, but I like the bigger screen) and have found that a little pinning in bed in the morning and at night is a great way to unwind. I’m ashamed to say this has replaced my reading time, but as I read so much for work I can’t face more reading in bed and so I need the talking-writing brain rest thing. I now probably pin about 6-10 things morning and night and then sometimes during boring tv.
  • Integrate – on my Bespoke Portraiture website I’ve been able to install a button to my direct Pinterest profile and I have heard of people installing ‘Pin it’ buttons on their site (but that’s kind of superfluous if you have the browser widget).
  • The ultimate aim is to use appealing images that people will want to pin and then make it easy for them to do that.

  • Behave – be kind, be nice and if you can’t be either, then be nothing. Goes without saying really. But always acknowledge the original source of the image (taken care of if you use ‘Pin it’ tool) and if in doubt consult the Pinterest etiquette page.

And that’s it! Enjoy yourself, don’t get out of control and for goodness sake don’t get addicted!! If you’re not a member of this free site then share this post and I will send you an invite. If you’re already a black belt pinner then check out this fantastic Copyblogger article for taking your addiction to the next level!

2 Responses to “I’m still addicted to Pinterest”
  1. paulhassing says:

    Wow! What a gripping post, Louise! How freaky that we both blogged about Pinterest on the same day. That’s where the similarity ends, however. I concede that you just wiped the floor with my take on this topic. Many thanks for showing me the other side of the coin! Best regards, P. 🙂

  2. All’s fair in love and Pinterest! *insert secret handshake*

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