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Representing tweenaged girls and little women who are impatient to grow up

As long as retailers are oblivious to the effect their sexualised images are having and the mums continue to be enraged by it, there will always be a place for the work I do.


Danni Minogue at Business Chicks Breakfast Melbourne

If you haven’t heard of the tiny dynamo Danni Minogue, here’s what you’ve missed!

I’m still addicted to Pinterest

If you’re not already on Pinterest and want to join for free then share this post and I will send you an invite!

Marching to my own beat – Week 1

Join me on a little trip down memory lane as part of March to Your Own Beat as I reflect on how my life used to be, before I was a Mum.

Your Sunday

When faced with a choice between a creepy free movie or doing things I love on a Sunday morning, guess what I chose?

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